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Ordnance & Energetic Engineering

EHS Technologies has a team of individuals dedicated to ordnance engineering and can provide expertise in a broad spectrum of related fields, including chemical, electrical, mechanical, and aerodynamic engineering. Several members of our ordnance engineering team have spent full careers as Navy civilians in ordnance engineering and are ready to apply their expertise and experience to assist our customers meet their needs and objectives. Our ordnance engineering team will assist with the overall scope of your project, provide relevant design ideas, and identify system design requirements related to the integration and installation of the equipment into the explosive operating environment.

EHS Technologies has an Ordnance Engineering and Energetic Team that can provide expertise in:

Design of ordnance, including cartridges, rocket motors, warheads

All aspects of JATO/RATO programs from cradle to grave including design, development, test, analysis, CM, QA, acquisition, in-service production support, and logistics support

-CAD/PAD design including familiarity with required explosives testing and analysis needed for qualification
-Interface items (e.g. warheads/fuses, launchers, bomb racks, guidance systems, aircraft)
-Leading engineering investigations into malfunctions, no-fires, erratic flights, and component performance failures.
-In-service engineering
-Surveillance/Quality Evaluation
-DEMIL (demilitarization)
-Project Management
-Energetic material and ordnance manufacturing process engineering and trouble shooting
-Quality control systems for manufacture of ordnance items
-Development of equipment and tooling for manufacture of ordnance,
-Explosive safety analysis and engineering, including MIL STD 882 hazards analyses, environmental engineering and analyses for energetic materials processing,
-Ordinance Facilities design, siting, and engineering.

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