Employment Opportunities

EHS Technologies Corporation understands that it takes diverse talents and unique perspectives to solve today’s most important and challenging problems in the work force. Our company thrives on employees who want to work to their full potential and who desire to make the most of their workday by not just “doing a job,” but developing a career.

Our company may be small in employee numbers, but it’s large on talent and professionalism. This is what allows our company to keep growing, while still maintaining that small business appeal that so many larger companies can lack.

*All positions listed require the candidate to be a U.S. citizen as well as have the ability to obtain a Security Clearance.*

Current Job Opportunities

ENG-19-00002 Shipboard Network Field Engineer Norfolk, VA 2/1/2022
INF-17-00012 ISSE – Cyber Security Technician Philadelphia, PA 2/1/2022
INF-17-00017 Customer Support Represntative – Help Desk Support Philadelphia, PA 2/1/2022
INF-18-00014 Administrative Support Philadelphia, PA 2/3/2022
INF-18-00002 Linux Systems Administrator Philadelphia, PA 2/9/2022
INF-15-00003 Desktop Administrator Philadelphia, PA 2/18/2022
INF-18-00004 Systems Administrator Philadelphia, PA 2/19/2022
ENG-20-00002 Computer Engineer II Philadelphia, PA 3/2/2022
INF-16-00019 VTC Technician Philadelphia, PA 3/20/2022
INF-17-00015 Information Assurance Officer (IAO) Philadelphia, PA 4/1/2022
INF-18-00007 NMCI Seat Representative Philadelphia, PA 4/2/2022
ENG-19-00007 Software Engineer – Front End JavaScript Developer Philadelphia, PA 4/29/2022
INF-20-00004 Senior Security Network Engineer Philadelphia, PA 5/9/2022
INF-20-00005 Software Engineer – PHP Developer Philadelphia, PA 5/10/2022
INF-20-00006 Systems Administrator (IAVM Patch Manager and Vulnerability Specialist Philadelphia, PA 5/23/2022
INF-20-00008 Network Engineer/Architect Philadelphia, PA 5/24/2022
INF-16-00001 Database Administrator Philadelphia, PA 5/27/2022
ENG-21-00002 Shipboard SystemsTechnician Philadelphia, PA 5/27/2022
ENG-21-00004 Junior Systems Engineer Philadelphia, PA 5/28/2022
ENG-21-00005 Engineer – Tomahawk Missile Functional Ground Test Support Indian Head, MD 5/28/2022
ENG-21-00006 Scientist/Engineer – Mechanical Properties Analysis Indian Head, MD 5/28/2022
ENG-19-00008 Engineering Technician (HVAC) Philadelphia, PA 5/28/2022
ENV-22-00001 ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN V( Environmental Safety Specialist) Philadelphia, PA 5/28/2022
ENV-22-00002 Technician – Radiographer Indian Head, MD 6/6/2022
LOG-22-00001 Logistician II Philadelphia, PA 6/26/2022
ENG-22-00001 Senior Environmental Engineer NAS Patuxent River, MD 6/6/2022
ENG-22-00002 Engineer I Philadelphia, PA 6/6/2022
ENG-22-00003 Electromechanical Engineer Indian Head, MD 6/7/2022
INF-22-00001 Oracle Database Administrator Philadelphia, PA 6/9/2022
INF-22-00002 Information System Security Engineer (ISSE) Philadelphia, PA 6/10/2022
MAI-22-00001 Senior Technician – San Diego Waterfront Naval Base San Diego, CA 6/11/2022
INF-16-00004 NMCI Service Representative – NMCI MAC Support Philadelphia, PA 6/12/2022
INF-22-00003 Software Engineer – PHP Web Developer Philadelphia, PA 6/16/2022
INF-22-00004 Systems Administrator III (Virtualization Administrator) Philadelphia, PA 6/16/2022
INF-22-00005 Acquisition Management Support II (NAVITAS) Philadelphia, PA 6/22/2022
ENG-22-00004 Computer Engineer Philadelphia, PA 7/7/2022
ENV-22-00003 Electrical Engineering Technician Indian Head, MD 7/13/2022
ENG-22-00005 Systems Engineer Philadelphia, PA 7/13/2022
ENG-22-00006 Electrical Engineer Indian Head, MD 7/13/2022
ENG-22-00007 Windows Server Administrator Philadelphia, PA 7/13/2022
INF-22-00006 Network Support Technician Naval Base San Diego, CA 7/20/2022
OPE-22-00001 Cyber Incident Response Specialist Philadelphia Navy Yard Office 7/23/2022
ENG-22-00008 Systems Engineer Philadelphia Navy Yard Office 8/1/2022
ENG-22-00009 Engineering Technician Philadelphia Navy Yard Office 8/2/2022
INF-22-00007 Computer Programmer Philadelphia Navy Yard Office 8/3/2022
INF-22-00008 Information System Security Officer (ISSO) Philadelphia Navy Yard Office 8/3/2022
INF-22-00009 Computer Programmer Philadelphia Navy Yard Office 8/3/2022
INF-22-00010 Information Systems Security Specialist – McAfee HBSS ePO Administrator Philadelphia Navy Yard Office 8/3/2022
OPE-22-00002 Project Manager Philadelphia Navy Yard Office 8/3/2022
ENV-22-00004 Environmental Specialist Philadelphia Navy Yard Office 8/4/2022
LOG-22-00002 Logistician IV Philadelphia Navy Yard Office 8/11/2022
INF-22-00012 Senior Network Engineer Washington D.C. 8/11/2022
ENG-22-00010 Senior Systems Engineer Washington D.C. 8/12/2022

Latest News

PHILADELPHIA, PA – The U.S. Navy has awarded EHS Technologies Corporation (EHS) a 5 year, $29.6 Million contract to provide integrated logistics services in support of the planning, management and implemented of mechanical, hull, electrical and construction systems and related for work to be primarily performed at the (NSWCPD) Naval Service Warfare Center, Philadelphia Division, as well as at Navy homeport locations across the US, Italy, and Japan. The IDIQ contract covers ILS certification support, associated analysis and configuration support, logistics acquisition and engineering program support, planned maintenance/technical feedback support and manpower personnel and training support. EHS President, Bill Eckerle, remarked, we continue to be grateful for the opportunity to support the Navy, in particular NSWCPD.

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