EHS provides training services for the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI) in all resident military equal opportunity (MEO) training courses conducted by DEOMI. Instructors shall provide platform instruction and conduct small group facilitation. EHS employees also participate on the Mobile Training Team (MTT), Leadership Training Awareness Seminar (LTAS). EHS provides training development services in lesson certification process, lesson preparation sessions, curriculum updates, and faculty training.

EHS delivers the highest level of customer services to lead the effort in developing policies and programs that ensure EO and EEO, foster a culture that values diversity and inclusiveness, and empower individuals to participate constructively to their fullest potential. Samples of services provided are:

  • EO/EEO Training (to include prevention of sexual harassment)
  • Small group facilitation
  • EEO counselor services
  • Mediation
  • Focus groups and interviews
  • Climate assessment procedures, administration interpretation of statistical data to identify barriers in organizational effectiveness, and discrimination within an organization.

Development of Individual Development Planning (IDP) tools for a Navy client to allow employees to identify training essential to their career development. These IDP tools are electronic documents that facilitate the planning process using the latest technologies.

Creation of an environmental training implementation plan for the environmental department at a Naval installation that included the identification of applicable training requirements and the evaluation of technologies available for training program management.

Development of an environmental awareness training video for a Navy client to enable the environmental department to deliver innovative, engaging site-specific environmental awareness training to all personnel.

Preparation of site-specific hazardous materials and hazardous waste management training for an Army client to allow their key personnel to properly identify and manage their environmental, health and safety requirements.

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