Technical Manual Support: EHS provides expert technical and administrative QA of technical manuals that includes:

  • Standard Generalized Mark-up Language (SGML) edits
  • Digital conversion services and QA of paper manuals to .pdf
  • Timely coordination of finalized manuals and delivery to the US Navy’s Fleet

EOSS Support: EHS provides timely Engineering Operating Sequencing Systems (EOSS) support. This involves the development, QA, and finalization of specific systems/equipment operating procedures as designated by the Navy’s life cycle managers.

Supply Support: EHS provides provisioning and supply support that includes acquiring, ordering, and supplying parts to the US Navy’s Hull, Mechanical, and Electrical Division. This support and management method ensures that an end user knows what makes up a component and also the process of determining the range and depth of spare parts required to support an end item, equipment, or system.

Process Implementation: EHS has experience in developing, documenting, and implementing processes to streamline practices and everyday work efforts. This includes: observation, documentation, socialization and change management support.

Training Support: EHS and its subcontractors provide Manpower, Personnel, and Training Support to the Naval Sea System Command Ship System Engineering Station (NAVSSES). This includes Front End Analyses (FEA) and Curriculum development in accordance with the US Navy’s Training Planning Process Methodology (TRPPM).

Strategic Studies: EHS provides strategic guidance to the Naval Sea Systems Command Hull, Mechanical, and Electrical Division through various strategic observational studies. Previous studies have included logistics management and implementation, logistics process advocate implementation, logistics marketing programs, and budgeting and financial management processes.

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