The efficient way to learn, train and rehearse tactics.

VRD is an interactive and cognitive tactics trainer for the military that breeds teamwork, initiative and trust through collaborative simulation.

VRD sits at the confluence of being a virtual and constructive simulator. It semi immerses the user into the environment but not fully as a first person like other virtual simulators. It also provides an abstract view of what is happening by utilizing symbols and models that depict items the user will see. It does not however have a virtual enemy force and will not react or provide tactical feedback to the user following his movements within the environment. VRD cannot be networked to form a distributed simulation but it can be easily reconfigured to be used as a tactics trainer, for mission briefing or for mission rehearsals. There is no physical reconfiguration required the user only has to use the software in a different way. The fidelity and resolution of VRD is variable dependent on zoom levels being used at the time.

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